Getting Children Back to School (Safely)

As parents we all want to keep our children safe, and we all want to make sure they have the best life chances possible. This is why the last 12 months have been so tough on them and us.

We have seen homeschooling, exams cancelled (twice) and as we have now entered our third lockdown schools are once again closed and everyone is asked to stay at home, which is needed as the health service can’t cope with much more and with various Local authorities already overwhelmed and more to come, we need to get on top of this.

Vaccines are clearly the way out of this but to vaccinate all 65 million in the UK is going to take time, that is why we were delighted with the governments plans to roll out mass testing in Schools.

We spent the Christmas break recruiting teams of testers for our clients and even with lockdown, they have been out this week testing staff, Vulnerable and Key worker Children. The feedback from our clients has been amazing and our teams have done a fantastic job and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

We truly believe as Schools return the mass testing of staff and pupils (and ongoing testing) is going to allow us to keep children in school more and make sure their education and mental health suffers no more.

Let’s keep pushing forward we will get through this

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