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Calling all compassionate, patient, and resourceful SEND Support Stars! We at rTriibe are seeking dedicated individuals to join our ranks in providing exceptional care and education assistance to students with a diverse array of needs in the heart of Pensby. Are you skilled at tailoring learning to make it accessible for all? Your expertise and gentle approach are exactly what we yearn for! This is your chance to help shape beautiful minds by working alongside educators to plan and deliver lessons that burst with potential for every individual. If you’re harmonious when facing challenges and can stand firm with a kind heart amidst stormy behaviors, you’re our hero without a cape. We treasure those with a rich history of supporting SEND in educational environments, but welcome heroes from all backgrounds such as support work or nursing.

Join our rTriibe! With a spirit full of patience and understanding, let’s make learning an adventure for every student you encounter. Full-Time availability is our dream, but reality calls for flexibility, so please reach out. Change lives, including your own, one day at a time. Rate: £85.04 – £90.00

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