Not fair…

We don’t think it is.

Let’s be honest agencies make too much money and its been happening for far too long.

Supply worker pay has not increased for the last 10 years so in real terms supply workers are a lot worse off than they used to be.

Charge rates to Schools have increased year on year and the increase is hardly ever passed to the Supply staff.

This also means agency profits have increased year after year.

In fact, some of the latest figures show agency margins are over 40%. For every pound a school spends, 60p goes to the supply staff and a whooping 40p goes to the agency and that happens each and every day.

Have you asked your agency recently what they are paying and charging? We guarantee it won’t be an easy question for them to answer.

This is where rTriibe is different. With our clear and transparent pricing, (you will always see what is being paid and charged) combined with a fixed margin of £25 for online bookings (not just an introductory offer).

rTriibers earn more and rSchools pay less (in most cases a lot less)

We think this is a fair solution all round

Isn’t it time to demand a #fairdealfromagencies

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