In a nut shell, a simpler life.

Ask anyone in a school what is there scarcest commodity and they will tell you time.

This is was where we started from when we designed the rTriibe platform, we wanted you to be able to search and book your supply staff in as few clicks as possible (currently its as low as five but we are always looking at ways of reducing that, yes less than five, mmm that’s got me thinking “Hey Alexa book me some supply staff” must remember to note that down)

Ok enough of the rambling.

Now having the best platform in the world is no good if you don’t have any staff, that’s where innovation number two came in. We have built the best candidate generation process in the business (modest we know) but as most agencies register 10 candidates per week, due to our fantastic on boarders we register 10 per day, plus rTriibers and rSchools are incentivised to introduce more candidates all the time, this means we always have candidates just a few clicks away.

Loads of candidates are great but not if they are rubbish, we hear you that’s where innovation number three came in. We hard baked all of our clearance and vetting into the platform, not only do we reference check, DBS check, Right to work check all our candidates but we also perform another twenty checks before we even meet them face to face., this means rTriibers are the most vetted candidates around.

All well and good but surely it’s going to cost me a pretty penny for all this. In fact no with our transparent pricing we couldn’t get away with making 40 -50% margin, so we change a fair across the board margin, you see exactly what the candidate is paid and they see what you charged

What’s more, we give back to rSchools and rTriibers for helping us grow with our fantastic (even if we do say) rTriibe Rewards scheme, join us and you’re automatically enrolled, we track everything for you.

So whether your a single site or a MAT, see how much time and money we can save you and book a 10-minute demo, we guarantee you will be impressed.

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