We at rTriibe believe in rebalancing the education recruitment sector using our cutting edge technology.

We have saved schools £1000’s and put more money back in the pockets of rTriibers by paying the best rates.

Our sector is now facing an unprecedented challenge, and we need to support our Key workers to make sure they can deliver the services on which we all depend.

Schools are staying open to provide such support and offering a continuing lifeline to families of SEN and vulnerable children.

rTriibe believe it’s our time to now support schools and Key workers, and as such we have been negotiating with our suppliers so we can offer you any help we can..

We are therefore pleased to announce that during this crisis rTriibe will offer our candidates at cost to rSchools to help provide any additional resource you need, (rTriibe will add a £10 per day to the candidates rate to cover our suppliers costs of payroll and funding)

in addition rTriibers have also committed to reduce their pay rates in an effort to support schools at this challenging time.

So what does this mean in practice Cover Supervisors from £70, TA’s from £65 and Teachers from £100 per day.

These will be tough times for everyone and it is only by standing together we will get through it.


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