What does rTriibe mean for workers?

Rtriibe want to re-balance the way you guys work- we just don’t feel the current set up is right.

We want you to be rewarded for a hard day’s work. We know the current model is not fair (agencies are paying rock bottom and charging the earth) and that’s why we established rTriibe.

Our aim was to make recruitment Simple, Clear and Inclusive

To allow us to achieve this, we took a long hard look at every aspect of how schools recruit temporary staff and using our technology we have made things incredibly productive for all.

This is where Simple comes in, We had to develop our brilliant (yes it truly is) platform, which consists of a web site and mobile app. It allows rTriibers to manage their availability, accept or reject bookings and keep a track of upcoming work (there is a lot more in there but you will have to join us to find out..)

The clear side means we are completely transparent in everything we do. Central to this is what we pay and charge. When you are offered a booking. you will see exactly what we are charging the School alongside your own pay rate. This means we only ever charge a fair margin and pass the increased pay to you and reduced charges to rSchools…which means everyone wins.

Inclusive…now here is a word you don’t associate with a recruitment agency! We aren’t like any other agency, and we want you to benefit from being an rTriiber. You will be enrolled in our rewards programme “rTriibe Rewards” once you’ve joined the Triibe. The beauty of this programme is everything is done for you automatically…just sit back…and earn the rewards.

So as you can see there is a lot of benefits to being an rTriiber. What are you waiting for? Hit the button below to get started. 

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