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What Makes rTriibe Different?


We believe in keeping everything simple. Our platform has been designed specifically to make life easier for rSchools. With a few clicks, supply staff are booked for work. rTriibers can update their availability and check supply bookings anytime day or night with 24/7 support.


Unlike other agencies, we show what is being paid to the worker, and what is being charge to the school. When other agencies are driving down pay rates and increasing charge rates, we are doing the opposite. rSchools can see we are paying a fair daily rate and not over charging them.


With rTriibe you will find a team that will go that little bit further than the other agencies for you. We also want you to benefit from rTriibe rewards. Simply use our technology and for as long as you remain part of rTriibe, your rewards grow as we grow.


  • #supportingRschools

    We at rTriibe believe in rebalancing the education recruitment sector using our cutting edge technology. We have saved schools £1000’s and put more money back in the pockets of rTriibers by

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  • Not fair…

    We don’t think it is. Let’s be honest agencies make too much money and its been happening for far too long. Supply worker pay has not increased for the last 10 years so in real terms

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  • What does rTriibe mean for workers?

    Rtriibe want to re-balance the way you guys work- we just don’t feel the current set up is right. We want you to be rewarded for a hard day’s work. We know the current model is

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