Welcome to rFAQs page, you will be able to find answers to common questions about working with rTriibe. Explore the categories below but if you need further assistance, reach out to our team, and we will be happy to help.


Liverpool Tel: 0151 433 8787 

Chester Tel: 01244 264005 

Wrexham Tel: 01978 515400 

Manchester Tel: 0161 513 7300

Sheffield Tel: 0114 700 2803

Derby Tel: 01332 505242 

Nottingham Tel: 0115 678 3020

Birmingham Tel: 0121 828 3511

Cannock Tel: 0116 218 4005

Leicester Tel: 0116 218 4005

Essex Tel: 01245 958782

North East Tel: 01642 064065

Leeds Tel: 0113 543 4334

At the end of the application form, you will be asked to book your interview via a link. Alternatively, if you need to access this again, please click here.

During your interview, we will want to get to know a little about yourself and your previous experience, as well as why you want to work in a school environment. We will also ask some simple compliance questions and inquire about the number of days per week you are seeking for work, and your willingness to travel.

Please email hello@rtriibe.com and let us know that you have previously started the process and would like to continue. Once you have done this, the relevant member of our team will be in touch with you to provide an update on your account with us.

You can click here to access the website where you can view this information. When you are on the website you need to select Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) for England, scroll down and select teachers who trained in England and click the Teacher self-service link, you will need to enter your information and submit. This will allow you access to this information to send over to rTriibe.

Yes, however you do need a minimum of 6 months experience engaging with children. This can be paid or voluntary but we need to be able to apply to them for a reference. It also doesn’t have to be strictly a school setting, you might be a sports coach, a dance teacher, worked at summer camps or been involved in other activities with children.

rTriibe opening hours are from 7am-5pm Monday to Friday. However, rTriibe do offer an out of hours service for calls from 5pm to 10pm Monday to Friday. We also offer a 24/7 live chats service on the website and there is also the in-app chat feature too.

No, rTriibe provide free safeguarding training for all members of staff. Please be aware that annual safeguarding training is a requirement for all staff to be compliant to work. You are expected to complete this when requested and in your own time to keep it up to date. 


We will require the last 12 months’ minimum of employment and/or education, depending on your circumstances. We must have your most recent employment or education on file. However, this information will be discussed in detail during your interview.

Please email hello@rtriibe.com with the job advertisement information. For example, you can mention a teaching assistant position starting in September in the Rochdale area, expressing your interest in knowing more about this position. Don’t forget to attach your CV and provide your phone number so that the consultant can have a more informative conversation with you.

There may be times during the clearance process when we ask for an alternative image to add to your profile. However, once this has been done, it should not be changed by yourself. It is extremely important that this doesn’t happen as it can have consequences with the information going over to schools and may cause complications with your shifts.

You can apply for a citizen’s card by using this link We would recommend speaking to the person who is getting you cleared for work about all your options before making this payment.

In the United Kingdom, a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check is a process that helps employers make informed decisions about hiring individuals by providing information about their criminal records.

The DBS offers two levels of checks: Basic DBS checks and Enhanced DBS checks. Here’s the difference between them:

A Basic DBS Check:  provides information on an individual’s unspent convictions. Unspent convictions are criminal convictions that have not yet reached the specified rehabilitation period and are still considered relevant. This check is available for anyone, regardless of their profession or job role. Basic DBS checks are commonly used for roles with minimal contact with vulnerable groups, such as certain administrative positions.

An Enhanced DBS Check: provides more comprehensive information about an individual’s criminal record. It includes details of both spent and unspent convictions, cautions, reprimands, and warnings. Additionally, it may contain relevant information held by local police forces or other law enforcement agencies. Enhanced DBS checks are typically required for positions involving regular contact with children or vulnerable adults, such as teachers, healthcare professionals, or social workers. In both types of checks, the information provided is based on records held by the police and other relevant authorities.

Schools are only able to accept Enhanced DBS certificates as this is a requirement under the safer recruitment policy in keeping children safe in education guidelines.

At the end of training, if you have passed, then the certificate will be emailed to you. If for any reason you do not receive this in your inbox, please check your junk folder and the email that you used for the training.

All clearance procedures must be concluded before we are able to offer you work.

The application form for a DBS is fairly simple to complete, and if you have your documents ready, it should take roughly 10-15 minutes. However, the processing time for the DBS office can vary greatly depending on a number of factors out of rTriibe’s control. The average turnaround can be anything from 48 hours to 3 weeks (but please be aware this can take longer, particularly through the summer months).

No, rTriibe is not able to sponsor visas.

No, we are not able to use this as a proof of address. However, there are numerous documents we can accept and we will be more than happy to help you with this at your interview.

The Welsh government has made this a mandatory requirement for any member of staff that wishes to work in schools located within Wales. The fee is £45 for teachers for the year and £15 for support staff for the year. This needs to be paid on registration, which can be done by clicking here.

The update service is £13 on registration and then this will be required every 12 months from the date you register. Please be aware that this is down to you to keep up all the future payments. We highly recommend setting reminders for the month before the payment is due. This will allow you to log into your update service account and check that your banking information is up to date and you can see when the direct debt is due to be taken or when you need to manually make the payment. Failure to renew will result in a new DBS being required.

Yes, the payment for the DBS will need to be covered by yourself. The current cost of this is £45.20.


Yes, to every booking. Failure to do so could result in the school turning you away.

When bookings come in to rTriibe, shifts will be offered to more than one person for day-to-day cover. If you have downloaded the app and accepted notifications, job invites will appear on your phone for you to accept or decline.

Estimated time of arrival.

If the school asks you directly and you are available to go back to work for them, you can accept the booking, but you must inform your consultant. Do not assume the school will tell them. Failure to inform rTriibe could result in a delay in your pay for that shift.

If this is the case, sadly, it means someone else has accepted the booking before you have been able to.

If this was to happen, please ensure you have informed a member of staff at the school. This will need to be recorded in the accident book, and you may require first aid. As soon as possible, please inform your consultant that this has happened to you so rTriibe is also aware.

Firstly, please check your app settings to confirm you have allowed notifications to come through. This is the main reason for this happening. If you have checked your settings on the app, please contact your consultant as they will be able to advise further.

If this is of a safeguarding nature, you must take an accurate note of the incident straight away and inform the Designated Safeguarding Officer within the school at the next available opportunity. For other incidents. It is always best to report things to the school directly, but please remember to contact your consultant to make them aware as well. If you are unable to report the issue to the school for any reason, you must make your consultant aware so they can inform the school on your behalf.

The exact term openings for schools can vary across different local authorities. For more specific information, we would recommend checking your local authorities’ school term times. Most schools tend to start the day between 8-8.30am and finish between 3-3.30pm. When you are offered a booking, the start time will appear on the shift offer for you. Our schools do not typically open on a weekend or during the school breaks; therefore, the work offered by rTriibe would be Monday to Friday at the previously stated times.

The easiest way to change your availability is to go into your app and select your calendar. On there, you will see an information icon showing how you can change from available to unavailable and vice versa.

Yes, but this will only happen if you have consented to notifications from rTriibe, and marked yourself as available on your calendar.

Yes, you have control of your own calendar meaning you can pick and choose how many days a week you work and which days of the week you are available for work.

Once you are cleared for work it could be as soon as the next day.

You will need to contact the consultant for your area, please refer to the FAQ that provides all areas contact information in case you do not have this to hand for any reason.

Yes, it is extremely important that you ensure you always sign in and out. Not only does this information get used for confirming your timesheets with rTriibe, but it is also necessary for health and safety purposes. Schools need to know who is on-site at all times. For instance, if the fire alarm were to sound, they would refer to the sign-in sheet to ensure everyone is safe.

Contact your consultant straight away! If you let your consultant know which days you can or can’t work, they may be able to book you in and cover the days you’re not available. However, please be aware that your limited availability may prevent the consultant from booking you for a specific role. Each case will be considered individually.

By replying to this message, it indicates that you are ready and available for work that day, meaning you are more likely to be offered shifts. In addition, upon your response your details are sent out to local schools informing them of your availability.

You should ensure you are familiar with the school’s behaviour policy, safeguarding policy and health and safety policy. If you encounter a situation you are not clear on how to address, please seek advice from a member of staff at the school. Different bookings will require different commitments from you. For example, Nursery settings may include elements of personal care due to the age of the children. A day in a Primary school may include PE, so ensuring you have trainers with you is essential. If you are booked as a teacher in a primary school, you will also be required to mark the work at the end of the day. In secondary schools you may be required to cover a variety of subjects if you are booked as a Cover Supervisor for the day, but all the work will be set for you. If you are not sure about anything whilst at a school, please ask a member of staff for help.

If this were to happen, rTriibe would offer any alternative bookings that we already have available. In addition, your information would be shared with all local schools to you, that you are available for the day.

It is crucial you call your consultant to make them aware during the mornings dealing with cover, emails and messages can be missed. Our phone lines are open from 7am. If you do not have your consultants phone number please view the areas we cover question.

We strongly advise bringing your lunch when working on supply assignments. It’s a proactive approach to ensure you have sustenance during your workday. While some schools may provide meals for supply staff, it’s essential to be prepared to cover the cost, as not all schools offer this service free of charge. Moreover, if you have specific dietary requirements, it’s advisable to plan ahead. Schools may find it challenging to accommodate special dietary needs on short notice. Additionally, the availability of nearby eateries can vary from one school to another. Unless you’re familiar with the area, relying on going out to purchase lunch during your break may not be the most dependable option. Bringing your lunch is a practical way to be prepared and ensure you have a meal that suits your needs, preferences, and any unforeseen circumstances during your supply work.


Tax and National Insurance (NI) are both forms of mandatory contributions that individuals in the United Kingdom are required to pay to the government. Here’s a brief explanation of each:

Tax: Tax is a financial charge imposed by the government on individuals, businesses, or other entities. It is typically calculated as a percentage of a person’s income, profits, or the value of certain transactions. The tax revenue collected by the government is used to fund public services and infrastructure, such as healthcare, education, defence, transportation, and social welfare programs. Taxes are essential for the functioning of the government and the provision of public goods and services.

National Insurance (NI): National Insurance is a social security system in the United Kingdom that helps fund state benefits and services. It is a contribution-based system that provides certain entitlements and benefits, including the State Pension, unemployment benefits, maternity and paternity pay, and healthcare services provided by the National Health Service (NHS). National Insurance contributions are typically deducted from an individual’s earnings, and both employees and employers make contributions. The primary reasons for paying tax and NI contributions are: Funding Public Services: Tax and NI contributions help finance essential public services, such as healthcare, education, transportation, infrastructure, and social welfare programs. These services benefit society as a whole. Redistributing Wealth: Taxes are often used to redistribute wealth and reduce income inequalities. Progressive tax systems, where higher earners pay a higher proportion of their income in tax, aim to provide a fairer distribution of resources. Providing Social Security: National Insurance contributions specifically fund the social security system, ensuring that individuals have access to state benefits and support during times of need, such as unemployment, sickness, or retirement. It’s worth noting that tax rates and NI contribution thresholds can vary over time and depend on factors such as income level, employment status, and specific government policies. It is important to consult official government sources or seek professional advice to understand the specific tax and NI obligations based on your individual circumstances.

No, working through an agency means you are not able to be self-employed. You will be paid via PAYE through rTriibe (we work alongside Compass and provide all the information you will need about payroll during your interview).

This is how we confirm your hours with the school(s) you have worked in that week. However, rTriibe take care of this on your behalf so there is nothing for you to worry about as long as you sign in and out of the school(s).

Once you have completed your first booking for rTriibe, your name, number, and email will be sent to Compass, our payroll provider. They will contact you to set up your account. After your interview with us, you will receive all the information about Compass and how payroll works. Pay is done one week in arrears on a Friday.

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