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So Why Should you use rTriibe (there are literally 1000's of agencies out there)

Here are a couple of reasons we think you will like.

  • Do you need to make sure you get the right person? Would you rather decide who arrives at school instead of leaving it to the agency? Use our simple technology to book staff with a few clicks. Prefer to speak with someone? Our team are in the office from 7am and available until 10pm throughout the week. We are always on hand to help you.
  • Clear transparent pricing, You see exactly what we are paying our supply staff, and what is being charged to the school. Unlike other agencies, we don’t try and make as much money as possible.
  • Inclusive: you will be automatically enrolled in the best rewards programme bar none (rTriibe rewards).

Finally and most importantly the dancing bears...

We think we have created a new way to find the staff you need, that is Simple, Clear and Inclusive.

We think this is "The Way Supply Work Should be"

Book a quick 10 minute demo (it really is that quick and easy).