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So a little about us

This is the bit where we should tell you how great we are, but we believe in actions speaking louder than words, besides you're far too busy to read alot of waffle.

So in as few words as possible....

Our team has over 40 years of combined experience in education recruitment. The old model is outdated and needed to change, that's what brought us together to form rTriibe.

Simple, Clear and Inclusive

Simple: We built a world-class online platform that simply allows rSchools to search and book the best rTriibers, with as few clicks as possible (currently six, we're working to make it less...). Our technology allows us to reduce our costs and we pass these directly onto rTriibers and rSchools (more pay and reduced charges).

Clear: everything we do is clear and transparent, core to this is our pricing model. We show rSchools exactly what we are paying rTriibers and vice versa, Our margin is fixed, fair and transparent, whilst guaranteeing the best quality candidates.

Inclusive: we believe in rewarding everyone in rTriibe, this is why we offer "rTriibe rewards", you get cashback.

So come and join us and let's create a simpler, clearer and more inclusive way to work.

Come and join rTriibe

The way Supply work should be....

rSchools like to see how we can make your life simpler, cheaper and more rewarding? Let us show you in a 10-minute demo (no longer we promise)

Future rTriibers register now and see how the way work should be.. (we think you'll like it)